Work Journal 2013-feb-04

Cloud email - with Amazon SES

Finishing of a contract is always nice. Now on to setting up email sending for an old project. I decided to look at the amazon email service (SES) offering since I'm hosting almost all of the system on EC2 presently. It seems like using amazon SES is much easier than I had hoped for. When you sign up for SES you get access to a sandboxed version, but getting production access takes about one day - according to Amazon - in my case it was a matter of a couple of hours. I didn't get the prototype code up and running yet, but I belive I have what I need to make it work. This (sorry - broken link, I havn't been able to find it.) blogpost is pretty much what you need to know to get going it seems. Just use the .NET SmtpClient class to send the emails to the SES endpoint. We'll see tomorrow if it is really that easy.

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