Steen Hulthin Rasmussen (home)

I’m a software developer and/or GIS dude. My main expertise is working with digital map, spatial data and GIS products at all levels of the technology stack.

In my work life I’m a code monkey/GIS consultant in Geoinfo A/S. I have standard CV available for download with a standard resume of some of the things I have done professionally even though I’m not a big fan of standard CVs.

Copenhagen, Denmark is my home town. I live there together with my girlfriend and between 1 and 3 children. I really enjoy running, biking and chocolate. I love life.

I’m also a failed chess and guitar player, a Dane (and actually half-swedish, thanks to Mom), around 45 (thanks to Mom and Dad), bald (thanks to Dad) and a chocolate lover (did I mention that already?).

The worst/best of me

These are the things I hate most about myself

These are the things I love most about myself:

Things I’ve done


I feel a part of the global software development community. In my opinion you are a member of a community even if you only “consuming” and not contributing in the a more traditional way. I have presented at a couple of occasions and I contribute when time permits it, but only because I like it.

I attend conferences regularly. I have been attending Oredev every year since 2011, Leetspeak since it’s start in 2012 and Danish Developer Conference since 2013.


I maintain a few Open Source Software projects:

In the serious catagory are:

In the mostly for fun category are:

Besides writing code I also write blog posts. The topic is mostly technical stuff related to software development and/or GIS, but occasionally also about management and team work. You can find my blog on

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