NordicJs 2014 - day 2

Yesterday I wrote about the day 1 of the NordicJs 2014 so go and have a look there for the events of the first day.

The day started like this:

The Talks

Ellen Sundh: “Node.js physical interactions”

Ellen Sundh didn’t wear golden shoes or anything hipster-like, but the things she has done is really amazing! If you are interested in embedded stuff you should watch this talk when it comes online. Very exciting stuff. I’m currently building a rainmeter with .net gadgeteer, but this talk made me think about doing on the Arduino.

Douglas Crockford: “The Better Parts”

This talk was on ES6 and Crockford’s view on how you can work with JavaScript safely and with good performance. Building on his book “JavaScript - the good parts”. I always enjoy hearing Crockford’s opinion on what to use in JavaScript and how to use it. Great talk.

Tiffany Conroy: “Lions and Tigers and Handling User Capabilities”

Tiffany Conroy talked about different strategies to manage user rights. The talk covered both server, client and UX strategies.

Reginald Braithwaite: “Duck Typing, Compatibility, and the Adaptor Pattern”

The talk by Reginal Braithwaite was about how the use of the adaptor pattern and how it may affect coding/architecture style at all level of a system. Very interesting ideas.

Kassandra Perch: “Stop the Fanaticism!”

Kassandra Perch was the next speaker. However I picked up my youngest son from kindergarden, so I didn’t see anything of this talk. Judging from the twitter response it was a good talk.

Hakim El Hattab: “Visual JavaScript Experiments”

Hakim El Hattab showed a lot of projects he has been working on. I only saw a part of the talk, but what I saw was really cool.

Tom Dale: “The Road to Web Components”

Tom Dale talked about web components and of course a bit about ember as well. I didn’t see the end of the talk, but what I saw was good.

Lightening talk

There was another round of lightening talk, but I didn’t see that either - I was eating with my family.

Final words

Daniel Beauchamp did a great job as a host of the conference.

As a whole (seen from the livestream) everything was very well organised - very impressive for a new conference. Big applause.

I hope to be able to attend in person next year.

Very last words (warning: opinionated)

On twitter there where a few complaint about the conference not having enough JavaScript (and not enough live coding!!!). In my opinion that is crazy talk. At a conference be disappointed if you saw exactly what you expected. I also saw a suggestion to have more talks and shorter breaks. I really hope the organisers ignore those suggestions - it only overloads the brain (for the majority of us). Lastly (is that a word?!) I’ll steal the words of my fellow livestream-participant Elin Nilsson (I agree 100% with the following statements):