Partial Frustration Remover on Windows 8 with a Multimonitor Setup

The Windows 8 start screen takes up my entire primary monitor!

If you are like me you have installed windows 8 on a machine that doesn't have a touch screen. You can still use the "Metro" or windows 8 store/modern UI, but it is of little use I think (well, except for search, but you use the keyboard for that anyway and not touch). I still use a few of the "metro" / windows 8 store / modern UI apps. But let me get to the point of frustration relieving in a multimonitor setup: In windows 8 you always start on the new start screen and the new start screen always show up on your primary monitor. This is not always what you want. I would argue that if your primary working "area" is in desktop mode you will most likely not want the start screen to be there since this is where you can see your notification area. startscreen_on_primary_monitor As far as I know there is no supported way to have the start screen start anywhere else than the primary monitor (thus the "partial" in the heading), but luckily it just a shortcut away to change this.

How to moved the windows 8 start screen to the secondary monitor

Alt + Page Down will change the current current window to the next monitor (Alt Page Up is similar - but opposite). And the wonderful thing is that this works for the start screen as well. So when windows 8 has started up just press Alt + Page Down and, Viola!, your start screen is moved to your second monitor. startscreen_on_secondary_monitor Sleep well!