Leetspeak 2015

This year it was the fourth public Leetspeak conference. As the three times before the Leetspeak of this year was held at a very nice conference room. Really beautiful this year - actually the most beautiful conference room I have ever seen. The Venue was at the Berns in central Stockholm.

Last time Leetspeak was in Stockholm I made it into a family trip, but this time it was just hard on business for me. Really I would have liked to do the same this time too, but I didn’t get this organised in time and then I even had the flu in the week before the conference.


Just like last year there were six talk - all in one track. Even though this is quite intense it still works well.


Holding our conference attendee hands were Martin Mazur from Tretton37. As always a short and sweet introduction was given. I noticed that this year Leetspeak explicitly announced a code of conduct. Good idea.

IOT and economy

Clements Vasters talked about the general state and future of IoT. Clements didn’t go into technical details, but kept the talk focused on the economy driving the development in IoT. In Clements opinion currently people safety and insurance economy is where the money is in IoT, not in funny/cool/nerdy home gadgets.

Frankenmonster coding

Next up was Scott Wlaschin talking about F# in the story: “Dr Frankenfunctor and the Monadster”. Entertaining talk and it made me curious since I didn’t really understand it. Luckily Scott wrote it all down on his fsharpforfunandprofit site.

.Net for Lego mindstorm

Anders Søborg and Lars Jeppesen told us about their adventures of getting the .Net framework running on a LEGO mindstorm EV3. Really fascinating with very high nerd factor.

Home automation

Balazs Suhajda told his personal story about going from a house of gadgets to a smart home. It was a story of hope, promises, failure and even success. Balazs’s pointed out that home automation is possible, but it is not plug and play and changing interfaces and dependency on cloud makes it challenging.


Leetspeak is a really good conference that I would highly recommend to anyone developing on the .net stack. The team at Tretton37 does a great job arranging - a big thanks to all of them.

If you couldn’t go or if you would like to see the talks again they are all available here: http://vimeo.com/user14410096/videos (including talks from previous years).

See you next time for Leetspeak 2016!