Freemarker npp

Provides syntax higlighting for FreeMarker for Notepad++ through a user defined language file.

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FreeMarker_NPP - FreeMarker basic syntax higlighting for Notepad++

FreeMarker_NPP is a User Defined Language for Notepad++ that provides basic syntax highlighting for the FreeMarker template language.

FreeMarker_NPP is licensed under The MIT License (see license.txt file)


  1. Make sure you have Notepad++ installed with the option to use %APPDATA% (which is the default).
  2. Download and unzip the zipped freemarker_udl1.xml from the (new) download site (This is the only file you need in order to use FreeMarker_NPP.)
  3. Start Notepad++ and open the "Define your language..." (Under the "Language" tab)
    user defined languages dialog screenshot
  4. Click "import" and select the unzipped FreeMarker_udl1.xml file.
    import user defined language dialog

  5. Restart Notepad++

  6. Open .ftl file and you should now have syntax highlighting.


FreeMarker_NPP provides basic syntax highlighting. FreeMarker_NPP is not a full lexer for FreeMarker and does not correctly highlight all elements of FreeMarker markup specification.

Highlighted element: