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Restructuredtext npp

Provides syntax higlighting for reStructuredText for Notepad++ through a user defined language file.

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reStructuredText_NPP - reStructuredText basic syntax higlighting for Notepad++

Author: Steen Hulthin Rasmussen <>
Date: 2014-08-25
Description:reStructuredText_NPP is a User Defined Language for Notepad++ that provides basic syntax higlighting for reStructuredText.
License:reStructuredText_NPP is licensensed under The MIT License (see or the license.txt file)


  1. Make sure you have Notepad++ installed with the option to use %APPDATA% (which is the default).
  2. Download and unzip the zipped reStructuredText.xml from the (new) download site (This is the only file you need in order to use reStructuredText_NPP.)
  3. Start Notepad++ and open the "User Defined Dialogue..." (Under View -> User Defined Dialogue...)
  1. Click "import" and select the unzipped reStructuredText.xml file.
  1. Restart Notepad++


reStructuredText_NPP provides basic syntax highlighting. reStructuredText_NPP is not a full lexer for reStructuredText and does not highlight all elements of reStructuredText markup specification (correctly).

Highlighted element:

  • tables
  • directives
  • Bullet lists
  • Enumerated Lists
  • Field Lists (works, with exception field with space characters)
  • Line Blocks (Only the | [pipe] characters is highlighted)
  • Transitions
  • Footnotes
  • Citations
  • Hyperlinks (with a few exceptions)
  • Substitution
Translation of readme.rst to html for this page used to be done with rsted (which is no longer available online.)